Recommendations, Key Correspondence, and Board Documents



#   Title of Recommendation   Date
151   Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Priorities   03/21/2016
150   Funding for Idaho Cleanup Project Completion
DOE Response: May 28, 2013
149   Contract Extension for CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC   11/15/2011
148   Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)   07/22/2011
147   Multipurpose Haul Road Environmental Assessment   06/25/2010
146   Workplan for Fiscal Years 2011 and 2012   03/24/2010
145   Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis for Experiment Breeder Reactor (EBR) II D&D   03/16/2010
144   Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis for Decommissioning of the TRA-632 Hot Cells   09/10/2009
143   Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Request   06/18/2009
142   Engineering Evaluation / Cost Analysis for TSF-07 Disposal Pond at Test Area North   06/19/2009
141   Proposed Plan for the Remote-handled Waste Disposition Project (RWDP) and its Environmental Assessment   01/01/2009
140   Proposed Plan for the Operable Unit   10/07/2008
139   ARP-III Engineering Evaluation / Cost Analysis   07/16/2008
138   Support of Processing Offsite Transuranic Waste at the INL Site   05/29/2008
137   Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Request   04/11/2008
136   Engineering Evaluation / Cost Analysis for Decommissioning of the CPP-601/640 Fuel Reprocessing Facilities   02/15/2008
135   Waste Area Group 7 Proposed Plan   11/06/2007
134   Remote-Handled Waste at the Idaho National Laboratory Site   10/10/2007
133   Greater-Than-Class C Waste Preliminary Comments for the Environmental Impact Statement   09/18/2007
132   Approval of Power Burst Facility (PBF) Alternative #3   05/23/2007
131   Idaho National Laboratory Environmental Management Budget Concerns for Fiscal Year 2008 and 2009   04/02/2007

If you would like to view archived recommendations, you will find them in our Recommendations Archive section.


Key Correspondence

CAB #   Title of Correspondence   Date
15-CAB-002   Land Use Standards   05/06/2015
15-CAB-001   FY 17 Funding Priorities   04/03/2015
14-CAB-015   INL EM Contracting Strategy
DOE Response: August 22, 2014
14-CAB-014   AMWTP as a National Asset
DOE Response: October 23, 2014
13-CAB-005   Incorporating a 'Dashboard' into DOE's Presentations to the INL Site EM Citizens Advisory Board   07/12/2013
12-CAB-013   Budget Letter
DOE Response: June 1, 2012
11-CAB-014   Comments on July 2011 Draft Reports of the Blue Ribbon Commission   10/28/2011
11-CAB-008   Idaho National Laboratory Cleanup Budget
DOE Response: October 11, 2011
11-CAB-003   Idaho National Laboratory Cleanup Budget
DOE Response: March 22, 2011
10-CAB-013   Comments to Blue Ribbon Commission on Idaho Cleanup Project Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Waste Management   12/15/2010
06-CAB-044   Engineering Evaluation / Cost Analysis for General Decommissioning Activities   10/17/2006
06-CAB-031   Engineering Evaluation / Cost Analysis for the Loss-of-Fluid Test   02/16/2006


Board Documents

The mission of the INL EM CAB is to provide meaningful opportunities for collaborative dialogue among the diverse perspectives of stakeholders in the affected community and region, the EM program, and the INL.