Members and Staff

A craftsman checks the fire water piping Operators move an underwater canister of TORY-II A fuel The Materials Test Reactor being off-loaded at the Idaho CERCLA Disposal facility in January 2011 Workers removed asbestos from the Experimental Breeder Reactor-II and its support facilities in summer 2010

The INL Site EM CAB is composed of individuals from across the state of Idaho. CAB members are chosen to reflect the diversity of perspectives for individuals living within the region of influence of the Idaho National Laboratory.

Members are appointed by the U.S. Department of Energy and serve a two-year term that may be renewed twice for a maximum period of service of six years.

INL Site EM CAB Members



  • Susan Burke, State of Idaho
  • Dennis Faulk, EPA Region 10
  • Daryl Koch, State of Idaho
  • Fred Hughes, Fluor Idaho


DOE Idaho Operations Office Staff

  • Robert Pence, Federal Coordinator, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Jack Zimmerman, Deputy Designated Federal Official, U.S. Department of Energy


INL Site EM CAB Support Staff

  • Andrea Gumm, Facilitator
  • Jordan Davies, Project Staff


Robert J. Bodell (Bonneville County)
Mr. Bodell is self-employed with Bodell Solutions, Inc., and holds the position of Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Site Labor Coordinator, which is a neutral party that works with the employers and unions to resolve labor issues at INL. He has been associated with the INL Site for most of his working career. He is has worked as a Journeyman Electrician at the INL Site and represented members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) as the IBEW local business manager for 15 years. He was a Trustee for the IBEW Pension Benefit Trust for 7 years. He has also participated as a President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer of the Idaho Building and Trades Council. Mr. Bodell has knowledge of INL issues from both the worker and employer point of view, and he is particularly interested in health care issues that are important to workers and employers. Mr. Bodell resides in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Herbert Bohrer (Bingham County)
Mr. Bohrer served in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program and retired from the U.S. Navy in 1981. He was subsequently employed by several Department of Energy contractors, as well as the U.S. Department of Energy, working in nuclear facility operations, radiological safety, and nuclear waste management. He also operated his own small farm, on which he still resides. Since retirement, he has worked as a consultant as well as in various volunteer positions. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for LIFE Incorporated, a non-profit independent living advocacy organization, as chairman of the board of the Springfield-Sterling Cemetery District, and as a commissioner for the Aberdeen-Springfield Fire and Ambulance District. He also serves as a precinct committeeman for his area. In addition, he has served as the Idaho representative on the Internal Revenue service Taxpayer Advocacy Panel for the last three years.
Melvin K. Branter (Bonneville County)
Mr. Branter retired in 2011 after 46 years in the radiological controls field. He was a member of the National Health Physics Society for 31 years and a member of the National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists for 33 years. He was a registered Radiation Protection Technologist. He is interested in environmental issues and in public health/health care issues. Mr. Branter resides in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Bradley J. Christensen (Bonneville County)
Mr. Christensen is an investment advisor at Allegis Wealth Advisors. In addition, Mr. Christensen is a member of the Ammon City Council. He is also a Youth Committeeman for the Bonneville County Republicans and a board member of Haiti Sak Plen, a Haiti earthquake relief project. Mr. Christensen has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Boise State University. He is interested in CAB issues relating to county/city/tribal government and business issues. Mr. Christensen resides in Ammon, Idaho.
Marvin W. Fielding (Bonneville County)
Mr. Fielding is an Engineer with Keller Associates in Idaho Falls. He is a licensed professional engineer in Idaho with experience in water resource and environmental issues. Mr. Fielding has a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Utah State University and is currently completing a Master’s Degree in nuclear engineering at the University of Idaho. Mr. Fielding has served on the Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition Board of Directors since 2008. He resides in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Harry Griffith (Blaine County)
Mr. Griffith has spent the last two years consulting on a wide variety of energy, geopolitical, and business development issues after retiring from a 25 year career with British Petroleum. Most recently, Mr. Griffith took a full-time role as Executive Director for SustainBlaine Inc., a public-private partnership dedicated to improving the economic vitality and diversity of Blaine County, Idaho. Originally trained as a geologist, Mr. Griffith received a Bachelor of Arts from Dartmouth College and an MBA from the Amos Tuck School of Business. Mr. Griffith is involved with a number of local community organizations such as the Ketchum Community Development Corporation, Sun Valley Ski Educational Foundation, and Blaine County Recreation District. He is also a member of the Association of Independent Petroleum Negotiators and the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Mr. Griffith resides in Sun Valley, Idaho, and was appointed to the board in May 2010. He is currently serving his first full term.
Kristen Jensen (Power County)
Ms. Jensen is the Executive Director for the non-profit Great Rift Business Development Organization and a Gifted and Talented Educator in the American Falls School District. She participates on the Eastern Idaho Economic Development Partners, Idaho Economic Development Association, and the Idaho Beef Council. Ms. Jensen has served on the American Falls City Council since 1992 as President and Council Member, and is a past member of the Planning and Zoning Boards for Power County and the City of American Falls. Ms. Jensen earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Education and Accounting from Idaho State University. She has had a long-standing interest in energy and environmental issues and in economic development in Eastern Idaho. Ms. Jensen resides in American Falls, Idaho.
Trilby McAffee (Butte County)
Ms. McAffee is the County Clerk/Recorder/Auditor for Butte County. She has served in that role since 1992. Ms. McAffee is interested in economic development issues. She is a member of the Idaho Association of Counties, serving on their Public Lands/Environment, Energy, Land Use, and Natural Resources Litigation committees. She is also a member of the National Association of Counties and the Lsot Rivers Cancer Aware-a-bration. Ms. McAfee is a retired EMT and has a certificate from ICRMP for Risk Management. Ms. McAfee resides in Moore, Idaho.
Betsy S. McBride (Ada County)
Ms. McBride is currently a self-employed public policy consultant with Virginia’s Hampton Roads Center for Civic Engagement, a non-profit organization founded to support collaborative public policy decision making. Previously, she was the President and Executive Director of this organization. She has also worked as the Media and Communications Coordinator for the City Manager’s Office of the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia; the Assistant Executive Director of the non-profit organization Search for Common Ground in Washington, D.C.; co-owner of a retail store; and Director of Communications for the Colorado Center for Environmental Management. During her career, she has worked on cleanup issues at the Rocky Flats site in Colorado, provided stakeholder input on DOE environmental technology deployment initiatives, and was author of the League of Women Voters publication on transporting spent fuel. She is an Idaho native, from Pocatello, and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Denver. Her interest in the INL Site EM CAB is based on her commitment to civic and stakeholder involvement in public decisions and her interest in preserving the environment for future generations. Ms. McBride resides in Boise, Idaho.
Willie Preacher (Bingham County)
Mr. Preacher serves on the INL EM CAB as a representative of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, a federally-recognized Indian Tribe. Mr. Preacher is a member of the Tribes and is employed as the Director of the Tribal/DOE Agreement-in-Principle Program. Mr. Preacher is also a member of the DOE Environmental Management Advisory Board, the State and Tribal Government Working Group, and the National Transportation Stakeholder Forum. He was previously employed at INL for 30 years. Mr. Preacher resides in Blackfoot, Idaho, and was appointed to the Board in January 2003. He is currently serving his fourth full term, which was approved by the Assistant Secretary in May 2010.
William Roberts (Bannock County)
Mr. Roberts retired in 2008 from a career in the semiconductor industry during which he was involved in manufacturing management, equipment engineering and maintenance. Leadership, training, human resources, planning, and subcontract administration were also part of his responsibilities. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing and his Master’s degree in Human Resource and Training Management from Idaho State University. Mr. Roberts joined the CAB in May 2011 and resides in Pocatello, Idaho.
Catherine M. Roemer (Jerome County)
Ms. Roemer has been a county commissioner for Jerome County since 2008; she is currently the vice chair of the commission and was previously the chair. She is interested in environmental management as it pertains to the citizens of Jerome County and economic development in the Jerome County area. Ms. Roemer is a member of the Jerome County Farm Bureau and a past president of that organization. She also serves on the Local Emergency Planning Committee, the South Central Community Action Partnership, and the Mid Snake Resource Conservation and Development Board. Ms. Roemer is also a member of the Jerome Rotary Club.